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There are a lot of things I want to accomplish in my life. Some I believe I've already done, some I'm still working on, and some that are still somewhere out in the future. I want to be a good father to my children. Parker and Arabella deserve a father in their lives that won't fail them in any way. I know I'll probably disappoint them in ways eventually, but that doesn't mean I can't still be the best father I can be. I want to be the best servant and officer of my country that I can be. I've served in combat, but I'm doing something else now that holds a different meaning. Working with the agency and now with Temperance has shown me a lot and it's the work I want to continue to do until I can no longer do it. It's something bigger than myself, just like my children are something bigger than just myself. The work I do and the effort I put into both being an agent and a father will go on long after I'm gone.

I want to be a good son. Yes, some of that is already past, but that still doesn't change because I'm older. I want to be a good brother. I haven't known him for very long in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn't mean our relationship is any less than others.

There are plenty of other instances and examples I could list as well. I want to be a good friend, a good Catholic, a good anything else. Just because they're not on the top of the list doesn't mean they're not important. And like I tell both of my children, if you set your mind to it and believe you can do it, then there should be no reason why you can't. I tell them they can be whatever they want to be and with all of these things combined, I'm working to make sure that's still a reasonable dream for both of them.

TM: Topic 252 - Innuendo

Truth be told, I consider myself to be a pretty observant kind of guy. In my line of work I kind of have to rely on my ability to read people and see their intentions and thoughts without actually hearing them outloud. Mostly, because people - they lie. They can give you all you want to hear and it's entirely false, but sometimes you know how to read people and use your sixth sense to figure out what's really going on in their minds. Sweets is good at analyzing people, but I take it from a different angle. He backs his up with books and science. I base my ideas on my experiences with people as a whole.

There was a case we had a while back when we were trying to find the killer of a singer trying to hit it big by going into the lounge bars and catching some producer's eye. He was pretty good from the footage we saw and word of mouth from the local patrons, but he hadn't made it yet. A woman involved in the case, who was a suspect at one time, had been obsessed with the guy. She wanted someone to appreciate and listen to her. To validate her feelings and later when we were speaking with her, I guess I became a replacement. I sensed a few things, sure. She came by my personal office to hand over some gifts, but I tried to reason with her that she was stepping over a line.

Well. She stepped way over that line.

There were probably a dozen signs that something was going to go down, but I sure as hell didn't see them. She was obsessed and what do you do when that person doesn't respond correctly? If you believe someone else is standing in the way between you and your obsession? Yeah. I didn't catch onto those signs and I have the scar of a bullet wound in my shoulder to prove it.

EM: September - Does therapy work?




Look, I could sit here and go back and forth on this. Does therapy work. Maybe. Depends on the therapist and if you're forced to sit there in front of him while he tries to serve you some kind of weird English tea or he's a twenty-three year old kid who talks like he's still in high school. Gordon was a good therapist. Mostly. He was good in that kind of annoyingly good sort of way and he knew it. I didn't want to be in therapy. Ugh. Anything but sitting down and talking about my feelings about why I took out my gun and shot a couple rounds into a plastic clown on top of an ice cream truck. What? The damn thing wouldn't shut the hell up.

Yeah, yeah he got a few more things out of me than just me having a bad day and the clown happened to get in the way, but that's all falls under patient confidentiality. Except for when English had to give a report to my boss that I was compentent enough to go back on the job. And except when Gabriel reads my mind even though he says it's my own fault for "projecting" my thoughts.

Sweets has taken some weird interest in Temperance's and my working relationship. After we'd been "evaluated" and were determined we were still able to work well together after her fatiher's trial, he still wanted to study us. Why? We're just that interesting, that's why. He's not so bad, I guess. Pretty smart for a kid who graduated and got a job as a psychologist with the FBI before the ripe age of twenty-three.

So, does therapy work? Eh. I'll give it a 50/50 chance.
Are you serious? What kind of messes do I clean up? Oh, there are the ones I come across on the job. A body is discovered and I help to clean up that scene... only I usually like to let Bones and her people do the cleaning in those cases. That's her thing. Her and Hodgins, Cam.. they pretty much enjoy that sort of thing.

But that's not the kind of mess I'm talking about here. Oh no. The kind of mess I mean is the daily mess I see at home. Diapers. Bottles. Those little teething toys all over the house. Diapers. Parker's planes that Gabe keeps giving him more and more of because who in their right mind can't have enough toy planes, right?. Baby spit up. Diapers. I swear, Rebecca didn't tell me how many diapers she had to change with Parker because I never knew so much ... stuff could come out of one baby.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade Arabella for anything in the world, but I come home with the house a mess. I don't blame Gabe or anything like that. He gives me free child care so how can I complain? Before the baby came along, my house was pretty neat. Not a neat freak exactly, but I sure like to have things in their place.

So, yeah, that's just some of the messes I clean up on a regular basis. A daily basis.
I think this one is pretty easy. What would I want to participate in if I was able to be in the Olympics? Shooting. Not exactly sniper-style and I'll always prefer my own piece, but I'd kick ass at that event. My aim has and always will be sure and true and missing the mark would have ended my career in the Rangers way before I ever ended my service. It's not really the most exciting sport to watch, but it's what I'd excel at the most.

There's a reason I have the gun and Bones has the microscope. Or the reason that I'm supposed to be the only one with the gun.

There's no way I could compete on this sort of level, but I wouldn't be terrible at boxing either. I can throw a punch with the best of them. There's an underground Vegas fight club and a defeated fighter to prove that somewhere

Now, if we're going on what I'd want to participate in just for the sake wishing I would be good? Taekwondo or Judo might be nice. I'm a decent fighter, but I never took much martial art training after joining the service. The gymnsts always amazing me in all that they can do. The rings of the men's are the most physically demanding rotation and I sit usually shaking my head. Or watching those tiny girls throwing themselves all over that damn building. I don't get it. I'd never want to get up and perform in spandex, though, so gymnastics is definitel
There isn't any point in having a principle without considering it to be at least somewhat sacred. That's sort of the reason for having them in the first place, personally. You can have various rules you'd like to follow in life, but that doesn't mean you'll always consider them sacred. For me, there aren't many but the ones that I do have are sacred and there's not really anything to change my mind on that.

My family is sacred to me. I have a young son and even though I may not be married to his mother, he is the most important person in my life and by extension so is Rebecca. I've always cared for her and every so often we find ourselves back where we were in the years before Parker was born. But nevermind that. I asked Rebecca to marry me when we found out she was pregnant and she said no. Granted, it wasn't exactly done in the best way I could have - try the least romantic way possible - but she still said no. I loved her, I'll always love her, but her saying no was probably one of the best things we could have done. I think we could have made a life together, but we didn't need to get married. For me, marriage is sacred. In society it's anything but that, but for me personally it is. Whenever I marry, I plan for it to be a one-time thing. No looking back and no regrets.

I'm Catholic. And while I may not be the best Catholic on the face of the planet, religion and my faith is definitely something sacred to me as well. It's part of the reason why I get irritated with Bones whenever she uses her science and logic to try and go against what I believe. I don't believe it for the physical proof or scientific data. It's called faith for a reason.

My job and duty is, in some ways, sacred to me. I believe strongly in what I do, who I've been, and what I've done for my country. It's a huge part of who I am and anyone who knows me well enough can attest to that. I do my best to protect the citizens of this country and put those who threaten them behind bars. Individually, I may not make the biggest different in the world, but to the individual you help save you make all the difference in the world.


from: lieu_murphy
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